Volleyball – The Game

Volleyball is considered as a complex game yet of simple skills. The ball would be spiked from almost up to 60 cm above the height of the basketball hoop and would take fractions of the second travel from the spiker then to the receiver. And that means that the receiver should assess the incoming angle, decide where the ball should be passed and control the pass just within a blink of an eye. Volleyball is considered as game of constant motion and also a purely rebound kind of sport.

Volleyball – The Game

A certain team might touch the ball up to three times on its side of the net. The most common pattern would be begin with a dig known as an underarm pass made with the use of forearms then a set or the overhead pass made with the use of hands and finally the spike which is the overhead attacking shot. The ball would be served into play. Teams might as well try to block the spike of the opponent as it crosses the net. And a block into your own court would be counted as one of the three touches once playing beach volleyball however not in indoor volleyball.

Height and power are considered to be very important as components of international teams however the ability of the teams as well as the coaches to devise new tactics, strategies and skills is considered also to be crucial for the continued process.

Most important information about the game

  • There would be six players in the court in a Volleyball team wherein every player should rotate a position clockwise every time the team wins back the service from the opposition. Those three players within the net positions could spike, jump or block near the net. Those backcourt players could only hit the ball over the net once they jump from behind the attack line that separates the front and back part of the court.
  • Volleyball is considered to be developed as a specialised sport. Most of the team would include starting line-up comprising setter, two-receive hitters, two center blockers and universal spiker. Only those certain players would be involved with the service reception. Players might as well have specialist positions for the defense and attack. Substitutions are also allowed during a game.
  • Volleyball has used new scoring system since 1998. Teams would score a point on every rally regardless whether which team served. The team could only win a point once it served the ball before. And winning the serve back coming from the opposition was considered as side-out.
  • Matches are being played best of five sets. The first four sets would be played to 25 points having a final being played to 15 points. A certain team might win a set by two points. There would be no ceiling that’s why a set continues up until one of the team would gain two-point advantage. Before, all sets were to 15 points along with the first four sets with a ceiling of 17 and also the final set would need at least two-point advantage.
  • And from 1996, FIVB has introduced new specialist role which was the libero. Libero would wear different colored uniform from the rest of the team and could be substituted within backcourt for any player of every team. This libero is not allowed to serve, rotate into the front line positions or spike the ball over the net however it plays vital role for the team in terms of backcourt defense and serve reception. There should be at least a point being played between a libero substituting off for the player and then going back into the court for another player. Therefore, the libero couldn’t be on the court throughout the game. It also has added extra dimension into the back court defense which improves the reception of the team, lengthening the rallies and also giving crucial role to those shorter players.

Those are among the most important information that should be considered by those that are to engage with the game volleyball.

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