Shot put

Shot put

Sport is the event you can  play as an activity of indoor and outdoor the stress full you may wander here and there so that you can keep the [practice of playing . playing is liked and played from small to elder age people. The best reason for playing is that they can find relaxation, fun and gives you to maintain physical activity and can improve your muscle strength. These games are governed by rules.

Shot put

Shot put
Shot put

A game like shot put is the weight lifting sport played by both men and women. There are many Olympic players for this game. Even in school sports you can find and play this game.

What is the shot put?

Shot put is the event game played by throwing and putting the heavy object at a far distance. The player can throw the object far as much as possible. The object is that it is spherical in shape made up of brass, stainless steel or iron. The player can hold the weight up to 16 pounds. Depending on the age and gender player will be provided weight. Indoor shots are bigger than outdoor shots. Where shot is nothing but the heavy object.

How to play shot put?

This game seems like simple. But the player needs full momentum and strength to carry those weights. After carrying you want to balance the weight, this is the major fact in this game. Here are the methods are given how to play the game and they are

  • At the beginning, stage practice lifting the light shot that is about 1-4 pounds and keeps throwing the object.
  • During the action of throwing, you must want to stand inside of the circle which is made up of concrete. If you come out of this circle it will be considered as foul.
  • For determine the winner measurement is taken from where the shot landed after throwing to the circle. A player who throws at a far distance is announced as the winner.
  • Practice to push the shot by giving full pressure to your arms. Always remember that you should swing the heavy ball.

Throwing styles:

The main goal of this game is that player wants to throw the shot at a maximum distance in the forty degrees. Recently players using the technique like glide and spin. These are the famous styles and can make the player reach the goal. The major throwing styles are

  • Basic throw
  • Glide throw
  • Spin throw

Basic throw – first grip the shot with the help of your fingers, move back towards the end of the circle and make positioning the shot under your jawbone, lift your left hand upwards and bend your knee as much as for balancing your weight. Spin your body and make forward throw as much as possible.

Glide throw – stand at the end of the circle and make positioning the shot. After that move forward to the front of the circle and push the heavy ball by spinning your body.

Spin throw– take the position of your shot, lift the right leg and spin around then land it again on right leg give to pressure and release the shot.

Basic rules of the game:

Rules of the game are called the law of the game. If you didn’t follow the rule then it is considered as foul and measurement is not taken by the team. Here are the rules and regulations of the game

  • Player wants to keep the shot between shoulder and neck
  • Shot should not hold by your palm
  • If the center circle is touched by player then it is foul
  • Don’t squeeze your elbow towards backside

Finally, this is the game played at Olympics. Most successful athletes will use those techniques to win the game. Keep practicing at different shots and make u as an identical person in this game.

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