Roller skating

Roller skating

Sport is the event played by all in the world. There are different of kinds of sports like indoor and outdoor games. An indoor game helps you to improve thinking level and concentrate level. An outdoor game gives you to improve and maintain physical fitness and relaxation to the whole body. It is the form of exercise also. From small to elder age group people love to play for finding relaxation. You can play at outdoor or even you can play at online. Sometimes people love to play the interesting and thrilling game and there are many fans for that.

Roller skating

Roller skating
Roller skating

A game like a roller skating gives you thrilling experience and it is the fun sport for players. In this article, you can gain information about the game and can learn how to play the game.

About the game:

Roller skating is the traveling sport and it is done with the help of roller skates. You can consider this game as a sport or you can use it as a mode of transport. This is the most popular game in America. As already said this is the fun game and wheel of skater board is made up of the chemical called polyurethane. Also, You can feel disco like skating meaning that you can dance as well as you can move early times you can find roller skating is made up of rubber-like cushion so that player should put his weight on the side and should move on another side. This became a success to the players and publicly this was announced as the better game.

How to play this game?

Roller skating is the competing and fun activity. You must want to learn how to play this game with the help of skaters according to the rules and regulations. Here you can learn how to move, stop and turn. Once you did this playing the game is found to be easy and interesting. The methods to learn roller skating are

  • The player should wear a helmet, knee pads, and wrist guard to save himself. You need to stand on the roller skater by wearing shoes and that must fit your feet size.
  • After standing on the skaters you need to bend your knee, make a comfortable position and can start moving in the forward direction by that you can able to balance yourself on the skaters.
  • Start to walk like a duck. While walking you should move the right leg first and then left and it goes on.
  • While turning right side, your whole body should slim at the right side. While to the left, it should as leave side so that only you can able to balance on the roller. Other than turning you should in skating position and glide faster.
  • If you want to stop the skating board then lift your right skater toe and point to the surface. If you put the maximum pressure on the toe you can stop immediately without hitting anywhere.

Trying special movements:

After learning how to play the game you can practice the special movements. These movements make you unique and identity in playing rollers. If you practice regularly you will be talented in playing these maneuvers.

  • Skate forward – for moving in the forward direction keep your legs in the v shape and put your pressure to move. Lean your body forward.
  • Skate backward- for moving in the backward direction you should keep your legs in inverted v-shaped together and keep pressure to foot one by one then move slowly. At this time you should lean backward. If so you will fall down.
  • Heel –toe ride – this is the thrilling ride for the players. While riding keep the legs together then separate it to the short distance. While moving lift your left toe that your heel should point the surface alternatively your right toe should touch the surface and heel should be lifted up. This ride is called a heel-toe ride.

These are the movements make you special in playing. Finally, this is the interesting game can be played by singles or in a team. This gives pleasure and funny moments to the play.

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