Possible Ways to Beat the Casino with Blackjack Game

At the end of the day, gambling is a game where the bigger possibility to win belongs to the house. Moreover, casino is all about business, an attempt to gain profit. A casino always tries to collect huge bucks from bettors, although sometimes they don’t realize there are possible ways to beat the casino with Blackjack game. Here they are:

Possible Ways to Beat the Casino with Blackjack Game

  • Combining Card Counting and Basic Strategy in Blackjack

Card counting is done based on the high cards (tens, queens, kings, and jacks) left in the unplayed deck. Doing this enables a player to improve winning chance as he can decide whether he needs to draw a new card to a hand. If the proportion of the high cards in the deck is still high, the dealer has bigger chance of going over 21.

This card counting strategy can be combined with basic strategy. This combination will help a player to change the (long term) house edge to be more in the player’s favor. The previous casino’s house edge of 2.7% will be converted to about 1% to the player’s favor. Once a player gets this advantage, he can add more amount to the bet.

To give you an example, when you are playing basic strategy at online casinos such as Onlinecasinoqq288.com Trusted Live Casino Gambling Website In Malaysia and you get a 10 and a 6 while the dealer has three cards, one of which is visible to you, you can choose not to take another card. When you decide to stand, there is a possibility of the dealer to draw a 10 and bust or go over 21. If you count the card, you will know the more low cards have been played and you will finally able to decide to increase your stake.

  • Know Which Number of Deck Gives You More Advantage

A blackjack can be played in single deck, double deck, four decks, six decks, and eight decks. Each number of deck carry different advantage for you and of course to the casino. Knowing the percentage of the house’s advantage in every single number of decks will tell you which kind of Blackjack you need to play with.

Single deck game has house advantage of 0.17%, while double deck game’s is 0.46%. Four decks, six decks, and eight decks almost share the same house advantage: 0.60%, 0.64%, and 0.65% respectively. Generally speaking, the house advantage is just slightly different from one number of deck to another. However, you can still see that the less deck is the better. So, you better go with the less deck whenever playing Blackjack to lessen the casino’s earning.

On top of those things, you need to make sure you already master the Blackjack’s standard rule in the first place. Knowing the limit signs like how to do double down, split, and surrender also really contributes a lot in this case.

Casino will always try its best to protect and even increase the amount of profit they are likely to earn from you. Yet, there will always be some possible ways to beat the casino with Blackjack game. Make most of the opportunity explicated above!

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