How to Identify the Favorable Team Using Odds Checker?

Ever wondering what the numbers in betting pages like what in The leading sportsbook online website and Asia top best bookies stand for? Those are odds, the number that determine how much money you will win. The odds are very useful to decide which bet to choose and win it especially in sports betting. Want to know how to identify the favorable team using odds checker? Learn it below.

How to Identify the Favorable Team Using Odds Checker?

  • What are Odds?

Odds are numbers that represent the money you will win, literally. For example, if you bet for 10 dollars with 3/1 odds, you will get 30 dollars if you win. How to count it is basically by multiplying your bet with the odds.

  • What Does Odds Stand for?

The odds itself stands for some things. For example, in victory or lost bet, the odds determine which one is likely to happen. If you’re betting on soccer, you will notice that ‘draw’ usually had the lowest odds compared to other statuses. This is possible because the possibility for a soccer game to end with draw is really high. Other thing that odds stand for is the favourable rate. This can be seen easily in 1v1 sports. One of the player or team, that has higher odds, is usually the ones that is favourable by the peers. But what if the sports have multiple players such as horserace? Odds checker will help you.

  • What is Odds checker?

Odds checker is a website that provides betting statistic services. It compares odds based on all bets that have been submitted, giving its users report on how an option in the bet is faring to the other. To use it, bettors have to subscribe to the site and pay monthly.

  • How to Identify Favourable Team with Odds checker

Odds checker uses color indicator to show its results. These are the list:

  • Green

If the indicator is green on the player or team, it means that there has been no movement of money or investment to them.

  • Blue

Blue means that the majority of bettors bet to the team or player. This indicates that this player or team is the peer’s favourite at the moment. Since it has chosen as the favourable player, they’re predictably will play with good performance in the closest game.

  • Red

Red is the opposite of blue. It means the player or team is not favored by the bettors, as they predict they won’t fare good.

Not only that, the odds checker also shows which option has the best odds. Usually, the name with best odds will be written in bold for easier scanning. It is important to note that Odds checker statistic moves rapidly, following the data from the bookmakers. Their performances might be lagging so using multiple sites is advantageous to cover that flaw.

So, have you understood how to identify the favorable team using odds checker? It’s as simple as looking for the blue indicator. However, it is important to know that knowing the most favorable team alone won’t ensure your win. The blue indicator shows which player or team has the most bet, not victory predictions. Use the statistic to your advantage and luck.

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