Football – The No.1 World Famous Game

Football – The No.1 World Famous Game

Football stands in the first place, as a world famous game played over 100 years.  This is the most popular game that is played in more number of countries, which is not the case with any other game.  Even cricket ranks second after football to be the most popular game of the world.  The game is called as football as the game is played normally by kicking the ball with the foot.  Football had begun in England in the year 1863.  Football game has been classified into two branches as ‘Rugby Football’ and ‘Association Football’.  The Football Association in England is the governing body of the game.  The association football is the popular one, which is also known as “soccer”.

Football – The No.1 World Famous Game

Football – The No.1 World Famous Game
Football – The No.1 World Famous Game

The football game is played between two teams consisting of normally 11 or 18 players each, at a time.  Scores are termed as ‘goals,’ which are scored by kicking the ball and making it get into the ‘goal area.’  Even goals are scored by moving the ball to the end of the team in opposition – in the field or over a specified line.  A goalkeeper from each team will prevent the players of the opposite team from scoring goals by stopping the ball entering into the goal area – the goal posts, when a player hits the ball to get a goal.  The ball is allowed to be moved by kicking or by hand-passing as well, which depends on the type of game played. Players start the game by moving the ball with the foot by walking and then they progress with the game by moving the ball by running throughout the ground, attempting to move the ball to the goal post.    It is the ‘Referee’ who declares the scoring of goals by the teams.

Types of Football

Types of Football include : Association Football also known as ‘Soccer,’ Rugby Football (Rugby League and Rugby Union) American Football also known as ‘Gridiron,’ College Football, Touch Rugby or Touch Football, Gaelic Football, Australian Rules Football and Canadian Football.

Association Football or Soccer

Association football is called termed as ‘football’ in England and it is called as ‘soccer’ in Cananda as well as the United States.  In countries like Australia, Africa (South), Ireland, Japan and New Zealand, it is called by both terms – football and soccer.  In association football, there will be 11 players and one among them will be the goalkeeper and the rest termed as outfield players, will be chasing the ball to the opponent’s goal post.  Football involves two matches per time. The time fixed for each match is 90 minutes usually including a break of 15 minutes in between.   Players are not allowed to use any other parts of their body to move the ball excepting their feet in association football.  However, the goalkeeper can use his hands to control the ball from getting into the goal post, but only within his limited area, which is nearby the goal posts.

Rugby Football

Rugby football is played by kicking, carrying and passing the ball using hands, to get scores.  Goals are scored by moving the ball to the opponent’s goal post.

Football Rules

Rules for football players include:  Players should not push one another while playing, which is termed as ‘foul.’  The Referee will show yellow and red cards to indicate bad ‘fouls’ by players.  Players who had got two yellow cards for bad fouls in the same match will be shown a red card, who will be stopped from continuing with the game and sent out of the field.  Even, in some matches, such players who have got red cards will be suspended from playing the next game.

World Cup Football Match

FIFA World Cup match is the famous football match that takes place once in every four years between international teams.  The football competitions are of two types namely league and cup.  League allows all the teams to play equal number of games while as per ‘cup,’ teams that lose need to leave and only the last two teams will remain at the end to compete each other in the final game to get or miss the winning chance.

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