Fan Tan Game in Live Casino - Tips and Tricks

Fan Tan Game in Live Casino – Tips and Tricks

Fan Tan is a game that is played mostly in regions around China. It might not be known to most people of this generation, because it has been replaced by other modern casino games. But, not very long ago, it was the most popular game of China. It is still played though, on some parts of the world, like the larger casinos at Macau and at online casinos like Live Casino Gambling Games And Best Free Bets Website. There are some things you need to know in the Fan Tan game in live casino – tips and tricks that we have compiled on this article.

The Gameplay

The game play uses buttons, a cup/pot and a wand and cards. Deal all the cards, face down. The player on the left of the dealer plays first. Each player must play a card if possible on his turn, if he has no chance of playing, he should put a chip in the pot and the next player continues. The objective of the game is to successfully finish all the cards in your hand.

Each rank from high to low in the suit is K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, A. A player scores 1 point for each card a player has remaining at the end of each round. The goal is to keep a low score and the one who reaches 100 first, is the loser.

Fan Tan Game in Live Casino – Tips and Tricks

Fan Tan Game in Live Casino - Tips and Tricks
Fan Tan Game in Live Casino – Tips and Tricks

This game is really fun and you can win if you know some basic strategies. You can’t always be the winner, because it depends on luck too. But, you cannot completely rely on luck. That is no good. You need to build good skill and have a good grasp over a few techniques. Winning should always be your target.

  • If you have more than one card that is playable in one round, take a good look at the suits you have. You should play your card in such a way that the next players play a card from the suit that you hold end cards. That makes the game turn into your favor.
  • Remember the number 7. When you see it in your hand, play it as quickly as possible in a suit where you have and end card. If you hold a 7 back, that might be the cause of you losing in the end.
  • Another thing to remember, if you have a 3 or a K play the 7 in that suit immediately.
  • Always start with the suit you have an end card in, rather than the one you have middle cards in. This always serves as an advantage.
  • To make money out of, you should get used to all the different kind of bets and how to place a bet before you actually place it. Just placing a bet with no proper knowledge will result in loss. Common betting types are Fan, Nim or Kwok. Fantan lets you win big, even if you bet small. Odds of winning are 2 to 1.

One important thing to always look for throughout the game is to minimize the other player’s opportunity to play. By doing this, you force them to play the cards that they want to retain, thus causing an advantage to yourself. No matter what card you play, you should think of the next move you can make- ask yourself is this an advantage on my next card in the play. If yes, play it. No? Then don’t.

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