Different Variations of Baccarat Game

What is the most favorite game in casino? Most of the bettors will say baccarat. It can also be seen from the number of tables in online betting website. There are so many tables for baccarat. Not only because of its popularity, but it is also because baccarat has many variations. Here are different variations of baccarat game.

Different Variations of Baccarat Game

  • European Baccarat

The two most-popular variations of baccarat game are European and American baccarat. Actually the differences are not that big. But, European baccarat has two main characters that American baccarat does not have, which are about the banker and the player.

In European baccarat, the banker can draw a third card. In baccarat, the baker and player only can draw two cards. But, in European version, the banker can draw the third card. Then the player also has a little bit different rule in playing. Player can choose whether drawing or standing on five.

In this European Baccarat, there is a simple rule about banker’s fund. If the banker has certain funds, the players’ bet will cover for it. For example, the funds of the banker are $1,000, then a player bets for $750 and the other player bets $250, the third player cannot place a bet now.

The word “banco” is used by the player. He can say (or in the online baccarat press the button) “banco” if he wants to cover banker’s entire fund. Then, the other players cannot place a bet in that time.

  • Baccarat en banque or Chemin de Fer?

These two variations of baccarat are similar but they have some differences. They still have the same objective which is to arrange the cards as closer as possible to be valued as nine. But, Baccarat en banque has a difference in banker role.

In most of baccarat game, also in Chemin de Fer, the player with highest bet will be considered as the banker. In Baccarat en banque, the banker is the casino itself, presented by an employee. This will make the amount of the bet bigger and the game can be played with only one player. In Chemin de Fer, there should be two players to play the game, one as player and the other one as the banker.

There is also a different rule in betting. Players can place a bet on any players but not on the banker. Because of previous distinction about the casino as the banker, it will not be fair if player can bet on banker. The drawing rule is also a little bit different. Sometimes the banker follow American baccarat rule, but sometimes the banker will use the way that make the winning chances bigger.

Which one do you want to choose then, The European Baccarat, Baccarat en banque, or Chemin de Fer? These different variations of baccarat game are only three from many variations that exist. You can search through Onlinecasinoqq288.com Trusted Live Casino Gambling Website In Malaysia and find the most suitable baccarat variant for you. Don’t forget to have some fun and then get the big money into your bank roll. Let’s play baccarat game.

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