Basic Terminologies You Need to Know in Chinese Fantan

Fan Tan or Sevens is known as a card game using standard deck of 52 cards. It is similar to solitaire game, but this game is played by three until seven persons. Let’s learn about how to play it and its basic terminologies you need to know in Chinese Fantan, before playing and winning.

Basic Terminologies You Need to Know in Chinese Fantan

  • How to Play Fan Tan

Basically, it’s like to play a solitaire game but with other players. The number seven cards will be arranged in the middle of the table. Then, the players will arrange the card in their hands. Bigger numbers in right side (8,9,10, J, Q, K) and smaller numbers in the left side (6,5,4,3,2, As). Who can finish the cards in the hand firstly, will be the winner.

  • “Fan”, the Most Basic Bet

This is the most basic wager and the bettor, places the bet for a single number. Bettor pays equal odds (1:1) and will give the casino 5% commission from the winning money not from the wager. Back then, the bettor should pay three for one, and the casino will get 25% from it.

  • Kwok

This is a bet on two numbers. The bettor may play even or odd number and both have chance to win. The winners will be given a same amount of money. The casino’s commission is only 2,5% percent from the winning money.

  • Nim

This is also a bet on two numbers but counted as one betting unit. So if the bettor takes this kind of bet, it will be one and two or two and three. If one of the numbers win, the other will be treated as a push and the bettor should pay two to one. The commission for the casino will be 5% from the winning money.

  • Sheh-Sam-Hong

This is a bet on three numbers. When the fourth number does not come up, the bettor will get one to three from the three numbers on the bet. After that, the casino will receive 1.25% benefit from the winner.

  • Nga Tan

Similar to Sheh-Sam Hong, Nga Tan is also played with a bet on three numbers. If one of the shows up, the bettor will get one to two for the first-two numbers and the third will be said as a push. The casino will get 5% commission and the edge for the casino is 1.25%.

  • Pass

This term is used by the bettor, if he does not have any match card in hand. But not only say pass, the bettor should toss a chip (or button) in to the bowl.

  • Kitty

This is the name for the bowl, the place where the players collect the chip. This term is a litte bit uncommon though.

  • Chips

Chips are coin, usually made from plastic, as a substitute for money at online casinos like The most trusted live casino website in Malaysia. One chip can be equal with several dollars. In the unprofessional game, the chips are replaced using buttons.

Those are basic terminologies you need to know in Chinese Fantan. Make sure that you understand each of the terms well so you can play freely and better. Remember that the player who finishes the card first, he will get the whole chips in the kitty and other chips from other players as well. Happy playing!

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